Of Taxi Games and Fishy Games

1. Always use best licenced Taxis and PHVs.
The driver have to have their ‘badge’ and the automobile its ‘plate’. Identify them prior to coming into the car and closing the door. They ought to display licence wide variety, expiry date and the picture of the driving force or description of the car. You need to in no way comply with tour in an Order taxi Amsterdam – E-Taxi Amsterdam unlicensed car with an unlicensed motive force. If they may be not licensed, have no longer been vetted for safety purposes and are not insured to your journey.

You can hail a taxi in the street or get one at a rank, or pre-book it. Private hire vehicles (PHVs, called minicabs) ought to continually be booked thru a licensed operator. If you’re approached with the aid of someone in the street supplying you or your buddies a taxi or every other type of vehicle for lease, ignore them.

2. If you pre-book your taxi check that the taxi that arrives is the only you booked.
Ask the Operator for a description of the automobile and test these info when the vehicle arrives. It might be proper practice to additionally ask for the call of the motive force in advance.

3. Let someone else recognize the details of your journey.
If you are especially careful, you would possibly bear in mind sending a text message to friends before entering the taxi. In your message, be sure to consist of the license plates, driver’s name, and identity wide variety.

4. Do now not get into the cab if there may be a person else similarly to the driving force
Be cautious of stepping into taxis that already have strangers on board or of being asked to percentage with strangers. Anyway, splitting the bill is confusing and shared taxis aren’t almost as relaxed.

Five. Always sit in the again of the automobile in the back of the driver and bring your cellular telephone to your hand so it’s far without difficulty handy.

Know emergency contact numbers and if a taxi driver starts giving you trouble, allow him or her recognize that you recognize the best emergency contact numbers, and you’re now not afraid to apply them.

6. Know wherein you’re going

It is harder for taxi drivers to cheat you in case you realize exactly wherein you are going. Before you receive shortcuts, detours, and special stops, make sure you already know wherein you are, where you had been, and where it’s miles you ultimately need to head. Know the route or standard direction for your destination.

7. Fares and tipping

To keep away from capability disputes with taxi drivers, recognize the nearby tipping customs. Ask a inn personnel member or your host for the standard rate variety on your destination and the quantity of the correct tip. Try to get a company or predicted fare out of your motive force earlier than you start.

8. Pay even as inside the cab

Know sufficient about the nearby forex to perceive the invoice. Make certain you’ve got small payments as drivers might not constantly have the ability to break big notes. Exchange money while you are still in a taxicab. That manner, you may have your handbag or wallet nicely saved after you go out the taxi.

Nine. Avoid touring on your very own

There is protection in numbers, so journeying with a partner minimizes your dangers and makes it a whole lot less probably that you will ever encounter a potential problem.

10. Ensure your protection outside the taxi.

When you get on your vacation spot, ask the driving force to wait and watch till you are competently inner or ask to be set free in a nicely-lit vicinity where there are masses of humans.

You do no longer need to bother a good deal about your protection if you region your taxi request with on line booking agency. For instance, with FairFare.Co.Uk you receive all of your journey details and taxi operators touch information to your e mail box, and you’ve stored a clear file of all of your journeys. When your request is booked, your charge is guaranteed. Obviously, you’re certain which you tour with fully registered taxi operator.